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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    The name may be new, but our team members have been in coaching industry for several years. Our faculty team is one of the most experienced team of Kota and Delhi for IIT-JEE/NEET coaching and has build and led academic departments in the past. Our management team has a proven record from last two years. So we are not new, we have come together to start a coaching institute with all subjects under one roof that would overcome the problems we have seen at other places. You can find our team profile through our website.
    We offer training for the three Olympiad Subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). A child may have the potential to score well in all the three Olympiads, but due to the unavailability of faculty members who can train the child, most institutes kill a student's interest in other subjects and just focus on the subject(s) in which they have their faculty available. Since our faculty members are capable of training for all the three subjects, we will encourage the students to test their potential in all the subjects and we are hopeful that we'll be able to train a student who could get gold medals in all the three subjects.
    NO, a student has to enroll him/her self for all the three subjects viz. PCM/B
    NO, as of now we only prepare students for IIT-JEE/NEET. However, it is our firm belief and statistics also point in the same direction that preparing for the IIT-JEE/NEET takes care of other examinations as well. Over the years students who have done well at the JEE have also achieved good results in examinations like IIT-JEE (Main + Advance), Bihar Combined exams, WBJEE, Comedk etc.
    NO, we strictly advice all our prospective students not to enroll at any other institute for any purpose whatsoever. You will simply overload yourself with classes leaving no time for self studies and extra-curriculars. Over the years we have seen students who did not pay heed to our advice ends up confused and not performing to their optimum level.
    We at PARISHRAM totally understand your concern and do understand that scoring well in the boards is of paramount importance. Hence the curriculum has been designed in such a manner that you are prepared for your boards simultaneously. We are perhaps the first institute to club the IIT-JEE/NEET and boards together and hence our students need not do any diversified preparation for the board examinations. We are also in the process of developing BOARD SUPPLEMENT for BIHAR boards. Our observation is that the syllabus of competitive exams and boards is more or less common, with the only difference being in the testing pattern. Our academics are planned in such a manner that once a particular topic in any subject is completed the BOARD SUPPLEMENT is provided to the students simultaneously and a test on the board pattern is conducted. It is mandatory for all the students of PARISHRAM to appear in such tests. Please understand that these tests are conducted for your benefit. Its authentic for ranking/grading the participation must come from all the students.
    Board supplements are an Integral and comprehensive part of our pedagogy. They are the backbone behind our ideology of clubbing the IIT-JEE/NEET and Boards together. Board supplements can be in any form :- Solved Problems, Reading Assignments, Animations, Test Papers and even INTERACTIVE CLASSES. They would be structured in a scientific manner with the objective of maximizing a student's performance in boards in minimum time.
    Yes, we believe in providing complete solutions to whatever task we take up and once we have committed that you need not join any other institute we'll ensure that all your requirements are met in house from this session.
    All the students who will be declared qualified in the selection test can deposit their Course Fee for the Academic Session 2020-21 by making Cheque / Debit or Credit Card Payment / Cash / Demand Draft / UPI / QR Code.
    A Student joining our Classroom Contact Programme in Class-XI or XII will have to simultaneously join a school to undergo formal school education i.e. appear in Board examinations. Parishram does not have any formal or informal tie up with any of the school anywhere in the country. Hence, requirement of the schooling for the students would be fulfilled by their parents only.
    Although, we take utmost care and ensure that the most professional people work in PARISHRAM, but still if due to any reason you are not satisfied with our frontline staff you may ask in the office to speak to Mr. Abhishek Chandra & Mr. Vishwa Pratap Singh personally.